Waiting on God – Andrew Murray

Waiting on GodReturning to the Place of Absolute Dependence Returning to the Place of Absolute Dependence A 31-Day Devotional. Do you find it difficult to wait on God? This book, arranged in thirty-one chapters as readings for each day of the month, is just the right tool to help you learn to wait for God and let Him unfold His perfect will for your life.

In Waiting on God you will discover:

That God will supply your every need
How to grow spiritually
God’s limitless power in answering prayer
The way to intercede successfully for others
How to rest in God’s everlasting strength

In this Christian classic, Andrew Murray shares thirty-one powerful meditations – one for each day of the month. Each meditation points to the priceless reward of waiting on God, which is His awesome presence, refreshing our spirits and teaching us more about Himself. This beautiful little book will renew your vision and provide new strength as you find answers for your problems and live the victorious life God planned for you.

Andrew Murray,

born in 1828, was raised in South Africa, received his master’s from Aberdeen University and pursued theological training at Utrecht University in Holland, where he was ordained in 1848. Murray went from being a discouraged young minister at age 25 to becoming one of the all-time best-loved writers on the deeper Christian life. In his 88 years he wrote over 240 books and tracts, including classics like Humility, The Secret of Intercession and Abide in Christ, which have been read by millions and continue to transform lives today.


Day 6. FOR ALL SAINTS „Let none who wait on You be ashamed.” Ps. 25:3

Let us now, in our meditation of today, each one forget himself, to think of the great company of God, saints throughout the world, who are all with us waiting on Him. And let us all join in the fervent prayer for each other, „Let none that wait on You be ashamed.”

Just think for a moment of the multitude of waiting ones who need that prayer; how many there are, sick and weary and solitary, to whom it is as if their prayers are not answered, and who sometimes begin to fear that their hope will be put to shame. And then, how many servants of God, ministers or missionaries, teachers or workers, of various name, whose hopes in their work have been disappointed, and whose longing for power and blessing remains unsatisfied. And then, too, how many, who have heard of a life of rest and perfect peace, of abiding light and fellowship, of strength and victory, and who cannot find the path.

With all these, it is nothing but that they have not yet learned the secret of full waiting on God. They just need, what we all need, the living assurance that waiting on God can never be in vain. Let us remember all who are in danger of fainting or being weary, and all unite in the cry, „Let none that wait on You be ashamed!”

If this intercession for all who wait on God becomes part of our waiting on Him for ourselves, we shall help to bear each other’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ. There will be introduced into our waiting on God that element of unselfishness and love, which is the path to the highest blessing, and the fullest communion with God. Love to the brethren and love to God are inseparably linked. In God, the love to His Son and to us are one: „That the love with which You have loved Me, may be in them.” In Christ, the love of the Father to Him, and His love to us, are one: „As the Father loved me, so have I loved you.” In us, He asks that His love to us shall be ours to the brethren: „As I have loved you, that you love one another.”

All the love of God, and of Christ, are inseparably linked with love to the brethren. And how can we, day by day, prove and cultivate this love otherwise than by daily praying for each other? Christ did not seek to enjoy the Father’s love for Himself; He passed it all on to us. All true seeking of God and His love for ourselves, will be inseparably linked with the thought and the love of our brethren in prayer for them. „Let none that wait on You be ashamed.”

Twice in the psalm David speaks of his waiting on God for himself;

here he thinks of all who wait on Him. Let this page take the message to all God’s tried and weary ones, that there are more praying for them than they know. Let it stir them and us in our waiting to make a point of at times forgetting ourselves, and to enlarge our hearts, and say to the Father, „These all wait on You, and You give them their meat in due season.” Let it inspire us all with new courage-for who is there who is not at times ready to faint and be weary? „Let none that wait on You be ashamed” is a promise in a prayer, „Those who wait on You shall not be ashamed!”

From many and many a witness the cry comes to every one who needs the help, brother, sister, tried one, „Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart; wait, I say, on the Lord. Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all you who wait on the Lord.”

Blessed Father!

We humbly beseech You, Let none that wait on You be ashamed; no, not one. Some are weary, and the time of waiting appears long. And some are feeble, and scarcely know how to wait. And some are so entangled in the effort of their prayers and their work, they think that they can find no time to wait continually. Father, teach us all how to wait. Teach us to think of each other, and pray for each other. Teach us to think of …

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